How to integrate Quotations and Paraphrases

You can also try quoting someone who is not universally famous. Finally, you can use a well-known quote but write a comment that contradicts it. You want a quote that will draw in and catch the reader’s attention. Make sure that the quote is relevant to the point you are trying to make. You can use questions or trivial facts leading up to the quote to intrigue your readers. It should set up the rest of the essay without going on too long.

Either the words that are used to introduce the quote or the quotation itself can be modified, or only a part of a lengthy quotation can be used. Ellipses indicate that the author has removed a part of the original quotation, while brackets are used in case the tense of the verb, or a pronoun is changed.

Introducing Sources

When quoting poetry, indicate line breaks with a slash mark. Alternatively, MLA requires your quote to consist of more than four lines. For all your citation needs, I would like to recommend you to read of the eighth edition of the MLA Handbook published in 2016. As for APA, you may refer to the sixth edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychologist Association. Have you ever wondered how to put a quote in your essay?

Choice B ends in wrote, a speaking verb, and is correctly followed by a comma. It begins with an independent clause, which can function as a standalone sentence. The comma between the clause and the quotation turns Choice C into a run-on sentence. If the quotation ends in a punctuation mark such as a period or a comma, drop that final punctuation mark (keep it only if it’s an exclamation mark or a question mark). At the end of the sentence containing the quotation, provide a parenthetical citation of the page or line number, and put a period at the end of the whole sentence. If you are observing my examples carefully, you can see that I only cited short quotations.

Have you ever wanted to put a block quote in your essay, but you dont know how? If your answer is yes, then you just

Jake holds a BS in International Business and Marketing from Pepperdine University. Paraphrased material (someone else’s idea put into your own words) need not have quotation marks around it, but should be attributed to the original speaker. If you’re citing a famous quote, you’ll need to provide a citation as well as the context of the quote. For example, you might say, “As President Lincoln said in his 1838 Lyceum address . You don’t want to just drop a quote in your paragraph and keep writing. This doesn’t help you support your arguments, as you haven’t linked the quote back to your own ideas. Without analysis, you can’t make your point to the reader.

Also, from this blog post, learn in detail how to find a perfect quote and include that in the introductory paragraph of your essay. A signal phrase is a short introduction phrase that indicates that a quote or paraphrase is coming. By introducing a quotation or paraphrase with a signal phrase, you provide an effective transition between your own ideas and the evidence used to explore your ideas. Put brackets around words you need to add to a quote for clarification.

What are the don’ts of self introduction?

Most importantly, explain how the quote supports your argument or opinion about a certain essay topic. If you use a popular quotation in the same way as every other person, then the quotation will bore your readers. Also, it would make your readers think that you haven’t considered your target audience. So, avoid using clichéd quotes or frequently used quotations in your essay. Prepare to paraphrase by reading the passage that you want to use several times, cover it, and then write out the ideas of the writer without looking at the original passage. Your paraphrased version of the passage must be constructed differently and contain your own words and writing style.

how to introduce a quote in a paragraph

Do not use quotation marks at the beginning or end of the block quote—the indentation is what indicates that it’s a quote. If you’re unfamiliar with the meanings of any of these words or others you find in your reading, consult a dictionary before using them. In most cases, quoting other people isn’t a good way to start your college essay. Admissions officers want to hear your thoughts about yourself, and quotes often don’t achieve that. Unless a quote truly adds something important to your essay that it otherwise wouldn’t have, you probably shouldn’t include it.

Correctly attribute the quote

The second way to avoid using too many quotations in your writing is to paraphrase. Paraphrasing is explaining someone’s ideas in your own words and style.

how to introduce a quote in a paragraph

The word examples below are generally placed after the phrase “the author” or the author’s last name. This article explains the methods of introducing your quote in an essay. It doesn’t deal with the way you need to cite them, which requires the how to introduce a quote in a paragraph author’s name, the year of publication, the page number, etc. For a direct quotation, always include a full citation in the same sentence as the quotation, including the page number (or other location information, e.g., paragraph number).

Research and find the context of the quote

Harriet Jacobs writes, “She sat down, quivering in every limb” . Remember that you are required to cite your sources for paraphrases and direct quotes. For more information on MLA Style, APA style, Chicago Style, ASA Style, CSE Style, and I-Search Format, refer to our Gallaudet TIP Citations and Referenceslink. According to the APA Style manual, block quotes are those that take over four lines of printed text in your essay and don’t need quotation marks. But, always check what formatting style you must use as the definition varies.

  • Be creative with your signal phrases, as they can make your essay more colorful to a certain degree.
  • Here are some common disadvantages of starting an essay with a quote.
  • In the first example, the division calls attention to the two parts of Hamlet’s claim.
  • You may also need to include a parenthetical citation after the author’s surname.

As the authornotes, “In an ideal classroom, both gifted children and learning disabled children should feel challenged” (p.##). „It gave me another dazzling idea on how to effectively and properly credit a quotation when used in an essay.“ Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 410,301 times.

Integrating Quotationsinto Sentences

As you decide whether or not you want to break up a quote, you should consider the shift in emphasis that the division might create. The colon announces that a quote will follow to provide evidence for the sentence’s claim. If the use of language is your primary topic, then you will obviously need to quote users of that language. Note that most introductions generally only include references if definitions are taken from an information source. The subject of the sentence will be the person who said the quote, and the verb will most likely be a synonym of “said.” For example, „Jane Smith said, ‚blah blah blah. …

how to introduce a quote in a paragraph

It can present a case in favor of a general opinion, prove an idea, or make a particular argument. Content Resources Thousands of articles on content marketing with AI. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this website’s owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Erin Wright with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

When should I quote?

But if you use a quote irrelevant to the essay topic, then you can’t impress the readers. Therefore, you should invest more time and effort to search and find the perfect quote to connect with your main point. When you include a quote in your essay, according to your citation style, remember to include the last name of the author, page number, and date. Listed below are some possible ways through which you can introduce a quotation in your essay, as per the MLA format. The quote you use should be relevant to your essay topic or thesis. Make sure to establish a connection between the quotation and the topic of your essay.

  • A quote that is entirely unrelated to your topic with only serve as a distraction, and might potentially confuse your readers.
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  • Dr. Billowsaysthat being exposed to television violence at a young age desensitizes children to violence in real life (author’s last name p.##).
  • However, do include a citation to let your reader know where you found those ideas.
  • As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

In this case, do not use a comma before the quotation. Try to use the words/signal phrases I enumerated in the guide. I hope you will get an A+ in your next academic paper. Sometimes, you would have to be concise with your quotes. Therefore, it is best to follow quote editing guidelines such as adding brackets or ellipses. Do not forget to include the parenthetical citation of your quote. It would be counted as plagiarism if you don’t reference it.

How to Write an Introduction With a Quote

You don’t need to say everything in that first paragraph. essay on gun control Do you wonder “ Can I start an essay with a quote?

  • Using a direct quote in your essay is a great way to support your ideas with concrete evidence, which you need to support your thesis.
  • Do not insert a quotation solely for its literary merits.
  • Contradict what the original author said, prove them wrong, or use it to paint an even bigger picture, analyzing their words to find a greater meaning.
  • Indirect quotation, or paraphrasing, allows the author to convey information more efficiently and integrate it more smoothly into their own writing.